Soul Journey

Your soul journey is a plan you have made before the time of your birth that maps out the trials and tribulations that you will have to go through in order to become more enlightened, or ascend to a higher spiritual level. Below are some information that goes into some details about it, I hope that it would help you on your journey/s.

(Note: I got the information below from this website and thought I would share it. The entire information is available there on the page if you would like to read it in its entirety. I clipped the parts which I thought were interesting to me.)

The more contact you make with your soul, the more the soul will infuse your personality. What are the advantages?

  • Your soul mission becomes clear.
  • You commit to your soul mission and take the first steps toward living it.
  • Your soul takes you in hand, guides, and trains you.
  • Ideas for action arise from your soul; they prove true and reliable.
  • These ideas are conveyed by a quiet inner voice, an intuition, or a strong urge to act.
  • As well, there are clues for what to do which you learn to recognize and follow.
  • You are guided to situations, information, and people who help you fulfill your mission.
  • When you complete one mission, you will be guided to the next.
  • You are amazed! Your soul knows things you have no way of knowing.
  • Your life becomes an adventure; you are taking steps into the unknown.
  • You become humble; you depend on guidance from your soul.
  • You become strong; if you are asked to do something that challenges you, help is present.
  • Increasingly, your soul directs your life.
  • You meet your soul group; you carry a piece of the puzzle for work you will do together.
  • You implement a small part of a great plan that lives in the mind of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom who oversee the wellbeing of our planet.
  • You are grateful.

How do you know you are in contact with your soul, and not with an astral entity posing as your soul?

  • Ideas from your soul arise quietly and work when you act upon them.
  • If there is fanfare or strong emotion, it is not your soul.
  • Your soul leads you one step at a time, so you learn and your commitment is tested.
  • If you are given the big, overall picture it is not your soul.
  • If your free will is compromised; if something wants to impose on you actions that don’t seem right, it is not your soul.
  • If you are urged to hurry, to act immediately it is not your soul.
  • If you do not have the financial resources to enact the plan, it is not from your soul.
  • If your personality is inflated or is enticed with money, power, or sex it is not your soul.
  • If your mission makes you humble, loving, pure, harmonious it is from your soul.
  • If it relieves the pain and distress of your fellow man it is from your soul.
  • If it teaches and brings understanding to your fellow man it is from your soul.

What keeps you committed to your soul mission?

  • You strengthen your will and intention to live your soul mission.
  • You gain the freedom to persist and complete your mission.
  • You commit to a daily meditation practice and a life that includes silence and solitude.
  • You realize a much sought after peaceful emotional and mental life.
  • Your health improves because you get regular exercise, eat a proper diet, and sleep soundly.
  • You can distinguish between the demands of your soul and of your personality.
  • More and more, your soul guides your life.
  • You develop an inquiring mind.
  • You keep yourself well-informed about world events.
  • You learn to stay emotionally detached as world events unfold.
  • You are able to concentrate and easily ward off distractions.
  • You achieve the ability to march to the beat of your own drum.
  • You are willing to be of service.
  • Your life fills with Love.

What holds you back or leads you off track?

  • A stress filled, frenzied life
  • Lack of solitude and quiet time
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, power
  • Family members, especially a spouse or partner, who do not support your soul mission
  • Friends who think you are crazy
  • Laziness, unwillingness to make the life changes your mission requires
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Being easily distracted
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Unhealthy body/ emotions/ mind
  • Noise (emotional and mental junk food):
    • Turn off your TV and radio, except for programs that inform and nurture you.
    • Turn off angry, discordant music.
    • Turn off music with inane lyrics that manipulate your mind
    • Turn off computer and video games.
    • Turn off background noise when possible.
  • Mass gatherings where emotions are ramped up, like sports events or rock concerts; these are feeding grounds for astral entities; they can attack you.
  • Astral entities posing as your soul or as a Master
  • Doubting that your soul mission is real and that the Masters exist
  • Mood swings
  • Discouragement/giving up easily
  • The need to conform
  • Money problems
  • Failure to meditate

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