Back to the time before birth..

Child of StarsHave you ever wondered what it was like the time you were born?  How it felt like to be in your mother’s womb?  Or even further back, how was it like before you were even conceived?  Fast forward a little, how was it like when you were just born?  To be able to see through a new born baby’s eyes.  What would be the first thoughts?  The innocence and purity of a new born child is such an awesome thing to behold.  Spend some time looking at a baby, any baby will do, really have a good look, you will start to understand what I am trying to say.

They say a child is closest to god.  It was not until lately that I think I truly understood what that meant.  When children are first born, they know nothing of this world and society.  All they know are how to try and communicate to their caregivers their primary needs (ie. cry when they are hungry, or need a change of diapers, or when they want to sleep and are not getting any).  At birth, they are absolve of any form of idea of what this world is like, and what the society is like.  Free from all forms of conditioning.  All they know is to love whoever takes care of them, or whomever they are interacting with, to become part of the family they have come into.  To interact with their caregivers in a way they can understand what the babies’ primary need/s are, at the moment.  They do not know what is anger, fear, greed, hate, or being worthless. They just experience the moment as it is – being present in the NOW.

As babies grow up, they learn how to get angry, what to fear, how to be greedy, how to hate, and what it means to feel being worthless.  All of which are taught to them via interactions with their parents, and the society.  Conditioning has taught them to react to stimuli without even sparing a moment to consider why are they reacting that way.  And we all grew up that way.  Does this now shed some light as to why we cry when we feel sad, angry when something does not go our way, or depress when we feel helpless, and sometimes feel hurt/offended at the merest mention of something apparently innocent (just to name a few examples)?  Our conditioning has become second nature to us, and thus caused us to react to stimulus now, bypassing completely the cognitive processes :

(Trigger -> Reaction -> Behavior)  

instead of  

(Trigger -> Think -> React -> Behavior)

I feel its about time we revisit all these past mental models that we have created to help us through our daily lives in our past. Its time to see if some of them need some modification to bring them up-to-date with the present.  And of course, if you’d like you could try to return to present what we once had in our past – the blank slate of innocence which we were all born with.  To reclaim our ability to love one and all, and to experience the world for what it truly is.  To see past all the layers we have created to obscure ourselves from the very nature of the things that surrounds us.


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