25_babycomputerBabies, Toddlers, Kids, Children, or whatever names you might want to give them.  I feel that we have given them less credit than they deserved.  They have their own innate intelligence which we (lay people, common folk, etc) have ignored for far too long.  Parents think that children are ignorant, but have we considered what are they ignorant about?  Is it to the rules of our societal artificial constructs?  Or to the REAL world?  How much do we think we understand about the REAL world vs the societal constructs?

If children are so ignorant, who taught them how to learn?  I am quite sure parents did not teach them those skills.  But yet they know how to model after observed parental/caregiver’s behaviors to get what they want.  If they do not get what they want after that, they will keep modifying that behavior until they get what they want.  In a real life example, a friend’s baby nephew learned that using violence (beating up others) can get him what he wants; he grew up in his grandma’s house where he witnessed his other cousins fighting to get what they want, and grandma beating his cousins to discipline them (to get what she wants, ironic isn’t it?).  So when he came to my friend’s house, he will go round beating people up, literally, to get what he wants, he was only 3-4 yrs old then.  I highly doubt this could be the result of a less intelligent youngen.  Furthermore, children know when you are feeling down, even babies; but they may mistake your “downess” as something of their doing and will try to cheer you up.  On top of that, toddlers have been shown to cry when their caregivers do not interact responsively with them.  Are these not signs of intelligence?

In addition to that, I feel that there are some things that children can teach us adults a thing or two about living.  Children are always present with the moment.  They never think about what they are going to do 5 minutes from now, or what they did in the past.  They just do what they need to do in the moment.  They are honest, well most of the time, until they learn to lie to get out of trouble (societal complexes); but it is also for that reason that it is relatively easier to tell when a child is lying than when an adult is.  When they love you, they truly give their all, no conditions.  They forgive at the drop of a hat. They are pure, they carry no emotional baggage with them at all times; that is until they reach a certain age.

So maybe a child knows next to nothing about how our society works.  That responsibility has been dedicated to parents, caregivers, and teachers.  When you start thinking about how human works, I reckon the child has more than a thing or two to teach us.


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