Hidden messages in “Frozen”


I know that the move “Frozen” has been shown a while ago, but it was not only until not too long ago that I got to watch it.  It was then that I realized that there was a huge following for the movie, and the theme song has garnered so many fans, and so many remakes on youtube.  This was just incredible to me.  But, I can see why so many people liked the theme song so much.  The lyrics of the song expressed many things within us that we can identify with.  The major part of which is about repression and hiding; that it was time to let it all go and let it all loose – Freedom.  This movie actually has quite a few hidden messages from my point of view.

  1. When you have a quality that expresses your unique individuality, repression and trying to hide it is not the answer.  It makes everyone that matters to you miserable.  Some people have also gone as far as saying “what you resist persist.”  Current psychological research has proven that repression of emotions causes one to experience it even more strongly later.
  2. We repress to fit in with the rest of the society, according to what was expected of us.  To be normal, as defined by the society. But why repress when you can release and express yourself.  Embrace yourself, all the good and the bad, because no matter who or what you are you need to love yourself first before others can learn to love you for who you are.
  3. Living in Fear only attracts what you fear most.  This is the law of attraction, and there are recent published studies that supports this.  The universe works off vibration.  Everything around us is made up of energy and therefore has a vibration.  Vibrations are differentiated by frequencies,  frequencies define how fast a particle/object vibrates at (I will leave you to find out through the wonders of the Google on why energy is vibration).  Each thought/emotion causes us to vibrate at a certain frequency.  When our frequency matches the resonance of an event pattern (out in the cosmos somewhere of the form/formless world), we attract that pattern to us. Hence, when you live in the Fear of an event happening, that event that you feared most will happen.
  4. To love is to be willing to give and sacrifice.  Many times we mistake possession for love.  How many movies have we watched where people try to manipulate events so that someone can win the love of someone?  Or, how about performing many acts (evil/good) in the name of love?  To love is to be willing to give to the point of even loosing the object of your affection, just so that the object of your affection can be happy.
  5. And lastly, love is the way forward.  I think enough has been said about this by so many people (ancient, past, and present) in so many ways that I will just leave this as it is.



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