We can influence our genetics

For many years now, Science has been telling us that genetics has a huge role to play in formulating who we are as a person. It claims that the environment that we are exposed to determines what genes in our DNA gets turned on or off.  Furthermore, it implies that we have either very little or no control at all over which genes gets the attention.  With the video attached below by Dr. Lipton, he is saying that its not true.  That we have more control over the process than we think.

I think what he is saying bear great truths.  Comparing what I know from Psychology and what he is saying about Genetics, he probably found the missing link.  When Science proclaimed that the environment affects our genetics, it was done so under the premise that we are like inanimate objects who cannot affect what we are made of (true to some extent).  So a piece of paper becomes soggy and wet when exposed to water.  So we become more prone to Alcoholism, Cancer, or Dementia, etc, when someone in our family has it (true also).  But what we have forgotten is that we are not inanimate objects that are subjected to the whims of the environment.  We perceive the environment and react to changes, formulate believes, etc.  For example, if a set of identical twins were exposed to the same environment but harbors a different set of belief system (or perceives environmental stressors differently) they will have somewhat different genetic make-ups, even though they were identical twins.  Like the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.  Our perception plays a bigger role in our genetic make-up than what we have been led to believe.  It’s a long video, but if you have the time, have a look and all will become clearer.


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