Emotional Pain is real pain

words-54663136379I am sure most people have heard of the following nursery rhyme :

Sticks and stones will break my bones.

But words will never harm me.

Someone finally decided to put that to the test and has effectively proven that to be false, mostly.  Dr. Matthew Lieberman was one of them who discovered this little morsel of truth, and much more.  He claimed the following :

  1. Scientists have found that emotional pain is just as painful, if not more so than physical pain.  Check out this article on emotional pain here.
  2. If you learn with the intention of teaching others, you will learn better.

So enough writing and I shall let the video do more of the talking. Enjoy!


We attached value to “words” which eventually becomes metaphors.  The wonderful thing about metaphors is that they are a double edged sword.  They are powerful constructs that serves to enrich every culture, and our communication with each other.  However, metaphors can become negative labels when used with unhealthy intentions.  When used in a wholesome ways, they serve as powerful images that can help empower us.


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