Be honest and authentic

authentic stampToo many times we are too polite, too conservative, and too nice to be honest and authentic to other people, as well as ourselves.  We are too nice to admit that “we” don’t like so and so because of whatever reasons, and are too afraid that we will hurt that person’s feeling by admitting or communicating that.  Not to say that it is a bad thing especially when we take into account all the values that are attached to said person (For example, values attached to the kind of working relationship and people relationship, perception of yourself by others, etc.  But lets just consider for a moment that if everyone was secure with themselves, would admitting or communicating that be such a bad thing?  Of course, on that note,  if you were so secure with yourself you would not be disliking said person, you would just view him/her as someone who has differing values and views as yourself, and left it at that.  But then, we do not live in that kind of a world now, do we?)   On the other hand (leaving the relationship example behind), what about being authentic and honest to yourself?  What is so wrong or bad with admitting, and acting, on eating that cupcake when you are on a diet? (of course this brings the up the question of why would you NEED to be on a diet in the first place, medical reasons aside?)  Or even saying something along the lines of “I deserve better than this” when you feel like you are in a less than desirable situation?  What is so bad about being brutally honest with yourself?  Hopefully, this video will help you answer some of those questions.



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