We are ONE : Resonance (3/4)

Part 3/4

“When a system is in Resonance, a small driving force can produce a large effect.”

The simplest way I can think of to explain frequencies are the following 2 videos.

Resonance is one of the effects that can be seen in the late Dr. Emoto’s water crystal experimentsi24


So how does resonance work in the law of attraction? I think I have covered this before in a short slide show video I made in an earlier article, found here.

It is known that for every thought and emotion that we hold, we emit a frequency; in addition, even words, symbols, metaphors, etc, will carry a certain frequency. Think of it as a tuning fork stuck to your body, or to the objects words and symbols are on. However, each object can only have the frequency humans give it, through intentions (for being imbued through words, symbols, and metaphors). When we perceive that object and hold on to it, whether in thought form, or physically, we hold on to that frequency. For every thought and emotion we hold, we have a tuning fork of a particular frequency stuck to our body (or object). Each one of us will have many tuning forks stuck to us, some known, others unknown. Each tuning fork will attract an event that is resonating at the same exact frequency. If we feel like crap and think crap all the time, we will attract crap into our lives; thus witnessing crap happening before our eyes. This is one of the reasons for the world before us being a mirror. It shows us what we are holding/hiding in our inner/internal world. You can hide and harbor all you want; the universe in all its graciousness will show you what you are hiding, so you can deal with it and heal yourself. Sometimes, one at a time, and other times it comes in multiples. And it will show it to you again, and again, and again, and again, until you fix it. But when you are happy and at peace, what you will experience and see before you will be events of peace and bliss. So the choice is yours, what kind of experience would you like the universe to present to you?


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