The “Old” ways…

66873fc9816b60dc42864252d9b722b9    Few years ago I was mesmerized by a TV series made by the British entitled “Merlin”; which was shown per episode on a weekly basis at where I live.  I stopped following it after the first season, for some unknown reasons; probably due to the inconsistency of how often new seasons of the series were brought in, or some timing issues.  Whatever the case, I recently had the good fortune of following the series to its conclusion in season 5.

This whole time I was watching the series, I was left wondering what was/were the mysterious reasons the stories of King Arthur and his adventures were so dear to my heart since I was a child (I was fascinated by the stories as a child in primary school).  Was it that the stories took me to a different realms back then where knights and magic were part of the world, or the surreal imaginative stories woven by the author himself/herself (I do not remember the author of the book/books. As far as I know now, there are many versions of King Arthur’s stories.)

As I surfed the internet looking for the possibilities of a season 6 for the series, I chanced upon a question asked – “Will Arthur rise again?”   At the end of season 5, the dragon Kilgharrah said “… when Albion’s need is greatest: Arthur will rise again.” Someone answered the question in this way, “Arthur did rise again. Merlin saw what a disaster modern society was, so he brought Arthur back. They linked minds with Colin Morgan and Bradley James, who then told Arthur and Merlin’s story to the world in an amazing television series so that people would understand that there is a better way to live and higher values to hold than what we’re stuck with now.”

After reading that, it got me thinking about the way things are today, and the way things were before.  Lost is Honor, and Trustworthiness, to our general way of life.  Where once a handshake and a person’s spoken word was enough to seal a deal.  In place of that, we now have written contracts and high powered lawyers to see things through.  Lost too is our consideration for “another’s” higher good.  In place of that we have negotiations with each other to makes sure that it in some way a win-win situation (in terms of rewards and gratitude) for all parties involved. Or, far worse, “I don’t care what happens as long as I come out winning.”

In much of the TV series, much was spoken about bringing the old ways back.  In that context, it was referring to the Old Religion and the old practices of magic and mysticism.  This brings me back to my personal question, and the point of this writing, what was it about the stories of King Arthur that had me hooked back then?

Putting things into perspective now, I feel that it was a combination of everything mentioned.  The imaginative stories, and maybe in some ways it stirred some old emotions/feelings at the cellular level that caused me to feel that the stories resonated with me at some level.  And, the allure of the simpler “old” ways when honoring everything one said meant everything in the world. Additionally, not forgetting that being able to live the simple and truthful authentic life has such an everlasting appeal.

(Disclaimer: I am not saying that the old ways are always better. Truth is, we will never know unless we have lived it before.  How many of us can claim that we have lived the life before the time of the TV, Radio, or the light bulb?  But, what I am saying is the old way/s was/were simpler.)



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