Manage your wastages

lovefoodI believe that everyone of us is put on this earth with a little bag of “prosperity”. This little bag of resources is what we will be using on our soul journey this time round. You can neither have more, nor less, it is all a carefully calculated amount for your use on this trip, to some extent.

Buddhist teachings have a similar philosophy. They believe that everyone is born with a little bag of resources called “fu(2) bao(4)” in Mandarin. The amount of this little bag of resources is predestined by what you have accumulated, and your Karma from your past life/s.

In layman’s terms, we can look at it as a storage bank of resources of sorts. The amount of money we have now, or will have in the future, and all our material wealth comes from this storage vault. Because this resource is very limited, hence it is very precious to all of us. When we are frugal with it, we are only taking out what we need to use. When we are generous, we give some of what we have to others, as a result we gain more (as a result of good merits accrued), and are also saving what we gave away for our own future to use at a later date. When we squander it, we are taking more out of it than we need; not only does this mean we are shrinking our own pool or resources, but we also pay out more from the bag in the end.

For example, when we order food to eat at any eating establishments, at a buffet, or even at home; we should always finish all on our plates. If we left over any food, all the effort that goes into making what was left over, including those who made it, or grew it, will be paid for from our little bank vault. That makes our little bag of resources shrink even faster.

In light of the above information, lets not waste any more resources, and leave no more morsel of food on our plates.


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