Universal Religion

Some people may feel that religion is a form of escapism. For most people, it is a form of faith where they can comfort themselves with the believe in the existence of an omnipotent being. However, we should also not forget those who believe that no such being/s exist, that we are the masters of our own destiny.(Here I am refering to the major religions of the world founded by past masters, or saints. Examples of these past masters would be Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Laozi, Confucius, etc.)

No matter our beliefs, what is true is that almost all of the major religions teach their followers how to be a better person. To be a better human being, to commune with our souls in order to return to our TRUE self. And they do this through stories, poetry, doctrine, dogma, etc, to inspire us to follow the right path.

Therefore, we should not segregate religion into their differences. Instead we should view all the different religions as different schools trying to attain the same goal. They just each go about trying to help us achieve the goal in a different way. Let me try to illustrate this in 2 ways, first I shall use the example of the British education system, and then followed by the use of an example in the American education system. First, under the British educational system, we could say that all the world’s different religions are like the many secondary schools in the system. At the end of the final year of the school system, everyone must sit for the standardized examination known as the GCE’O levels as a graduation requirement. They must pass the exam to qualify for graduation and also to move on to an institute of higher learning. Under the American system, religions would be like the High Schools preparing students to do well in their SATs, so that they may be able to enter an institution of higher learning.

Despite the vast compassion of the ascended masters who gave us this knowledge, there are some who would use that knowledge for their own perversion. In such a case we should always remember that it is not the religion that is teaching them the wrong things, but the people involved who chose to pervert the information to their own advantage. This is why we have terrorist who claim they act in the name or their god, or pastors using their status in the church to commit sexual crimes, etc. No religion is free of such problems all of them have their own share of perverted followers, some more then others. Hence, we should all be cautious and have trust in our own natural instincts when trying to discern the right from the wrong. Any GOD worthy of our devotion will be ONE who will bring immense compassion and love to all, a love so great that the vastness of the oceans on earth cannot hold a candle to it. A love so great that we can do no wrong in HIS eyes against him. A love so great that no matter how we slight, despise, or ridicule HIM; HE will still shower compassion and love upon us – immeasurable absolute unconditional love. HE will love us equally no matter who we are or what we are and regardless of what we have done.

The good news here is that we are all capable of that. We all have that nature within all of us. The capacity to love unconditionally. That is our TRUE self. Our instinct is our soul speaking to us. Our soul knows things we are not conscious of. The soul holds knowledge beyond our present lifetime. Our soul is our Higher-self. Religion is the window to our Higher-self. Religion exist to help us see past the arrogance we exercised oh so long ago, so that we may again get in touch with our Higher-self. If we truly practice what they preached, our TRUE self will start to reveal itself gradually. As our TRUE self reveals itself, we may suddenly find that we have hidden talents beyond our wildest imagination. Those talents are what we have always possessed, but chose to ignore because of our attachment to this world and everything that comes with it. It is not lost though, we can find it when we find our TRUE self to reclaim what was lost.


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